Hairclips - A Girl’s Bestfriend

Hair clips are much more than just an accessory to dress up your hair. We believe clips should be just as functional as they are fashionable, providing a strong hold and securing your hair back as desired throughout the whole day.

Whether it’s a blustery walk with friends, a drink outside in a pub garden or brunching with the girls, there’s nothing worse than the hairstyle you spent hours on being ruined in minutes by the wind. With stylish, reinvented hair accessories such as snap clips you can create a beautiful look before leaving the house and have it stay in place for hours, leaving you looking your best no matter what!

Snap clips are one of the most popular hair accessories on the market for the sole reason that they are so diverse. If you invest in quality, you have a statement piece which enhances any hair style and easily holds both larger pieces of hair or simply a few strands to pull the hair away from your face. This means you have the ability to accentuate your natural beauty or show off that makeup look you spent so long perfecting.

Advantages of Snap Clips 

Whilst snap clips are relatively underrated as a must-have style accessory, they’re still a wardrobe staple most girls will have in their collection. They’re perfect for all hair types and are an inexpensive solution to a bad hair day. These small clips are often overlooked, but they provide so many benefits which other accessories don’t! You can wear them with anything - Finish off a bold hairstyle for a night out with 2 coordinated hair clips, pin your hair back at the gym with the strong grip, add a few to the back of a tight, low bun to enhance a simple look - The options are endless.

The simplicity and elegance is exactly what you should be looking for in this type of hair accessory. Never underestimate the beauty of a subtle statement, and snap clips are the perfect solution to adding a simple glam edge to your hair without looking like you’ve overdone it.

These stylish hair clips work beautifully with other hair accessories such as oversized scrunchies or ponytail cuffs. Matching the colours or having a stark contrast easily creates a classy, eye-catching look. They’re a small addition with a big impact, bringing you major hair inspiration for all hair types.

Hairslydz – Reinvent your collection with Piecez

Having quality hair accessories is a no brainer these days, with influencers, models, actresses, or even just your girl group sporting a new piece regularly. With every scroll on social media or each flick through a magazine, you will always spot a staple clip or grip. This may not be the main attraction in the picture, but it finishes the outfit and adds another layer to your style. After all, why spend so long looking great and leave your hair in the same style each day. Fashion is a way to express yourself, and Hairslydz offer a huge range of reinvented accessories which allow you to do just that. From the option of matte and gloss finishes, to the array of colours and oversized styles, Piecez are the snap clips you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without!

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