Leaving your hair down, perhaps only straightening or curling it is a common go-to for most women. The impact of hair accessories are often overlooked and leaving for hair loose is always a safe option. It can be difficult to branch outside your usual style and try something new with your hair, but subtle additions don’t have to change your style - Simply just enhance it! If you prefer your hair down to tying it back, why not add a statement piece? Basic headbands are a gorgeous option when wanting a more chic finish to your look with ease. 

Since the days of wearing headbands in school, these staple accessories have come a long way and are more on trend and better quality than ever. When it comes to choosing a headband, it’s not just simple about the look and finish of it, you want to make sure the fit, quality and material are just right to ensure the desired look is achieved.

Make Them to Stop and Stare – At Your Headband

Why stick to the same hairstyle when you can add an effortlessly chic touch to your hair in seconds with something as simple as one of our chiffon headbands. Simplicity is key when it comes to doing your hair, so with our essentials black range you can dress it up or down matching your headband to an outfit for any occasion.

Headbands are a great choice when getting ready in rush, easily transforming your hair with minimal time. Our team works hard to ensure each headband is strong and fits securely following the curvature of your head. Many headband alternatives can rise up or slip out of place throughout the day, often making it a frustrating addition. Our reinvented accessories are designed to combine function and elegance, adding gorgeous detail to your hair whilst staying in place all day.

The luxury chiffon finish can be ruched into different shapes to change up your style. Whether you’re going for a casual look with jeans and a t-shirt or sporting a dress on a night out, headbands are so diverse and perfect keeping your hair out your face!

Headbands from HairSlydz 

Hairslydz have a diverse range of reinvented hair accessories, with the staple headband currently available in Essentials Black in a chiffon finish. With imitation leather headbands soon joining the collection, there are so many different styles you can try with one simple wardrobe staple. You can leave the house feeling fabulous and not have to worry about the headband digging into your head or causing a headache. The material and fit is uniquely designed to avoid these common problems with many accessories on the market.

With our fresh and forward thinking approach to hair accessories, you can enjoy easy styling and experiment with a variety of gorgeous looks.

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