Make Messy Hair Days Stylish with Scrunchiez

We believe looking stylish shouldn’t have to be a chore. Messy hair doesn’t have to be just for lazy days. You can dress this up for a casual daytime look with a loose, messy bun finished off with a statement oversized scrunchie co-ordinated for the occasion.

If you are having a bad hair day and need to throw it up, why opt for a simple band that causes damage to your hair when you can turn it into a good hair day simply with the right accessories. A chic silk scrunchie not only looks great in a huge range of styles; ponytails, buns, half-up half-down styles, it also eliminates the risk of hair breakage. The pure silk material is gentle on your hair and the oversized style means you can have it loose or tied round multiple times for a tight, sleek look.

With different colours and styles to choose from this wardrobe staple is so diverse and the perfect addition to any outfit.

How Scrunchies Are Making a Comeback

In the 80s and 90s, scrunchies were at their height of popularity before slowly fading out to make way for a new wave of short-lived trends such as zig-zag headbands, diamante butterfly clips and bandanas in the early 2000s. In more recent years, the fashion industry has done a U-turn and designers, celebrities and style icons alike are bringing back the classic, now reinvented, Scrunchie.

It’s easy to see why this ruched, oversized accessory is so popular, with its ability to transform an outfit in seconds, tame wild hair with ease and take away part of the stress of getting ready - Just throwing your hair up into a messy bun can be just as desirable a look as spending hours prepping and curling it!

From the classy classic: black silk scrunchies, to a more edgy slate grey vegan leather finish, there's a style for everyone. You might even want to add some subtle glamour to your ensemble with the luxurious creme silk option. 

Many current fashion trends take inspiration from 90s fashion, and scrunchies are just one of the many pieces we’re loving right now! The eye-catching, oversized style means you can keep your outfit lowkey with your go-to neutral colours and still dress it up with these gorgeous accessories.

Choosing quality over quantity

At Hairslydz we understand the importance of a good hair accessory collection. Being able to match your accessories with ease and feel confident in your appearance when you walk out the house is often overlooked, but we know how this small addition can make you feel powerful to take on the day. Whether you’re tying your hair back to train at the gym, or styling it for a business meeting, strong, stylish hairbands are required. You need your hair out of your face with the certainty it won’t let you down, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

We’ve reinvented these scrunchies to be soft on your hair, prevent damage and be easily adjustable for your desired hold. Want a loose low pony with pieces of hair framing your face? Try looping the band round just once or twice and adjust as needed. For a slick, tight high pony the strong elastic will easily hold 4 wraps and keep your hair tight all day for a fierce yet glam look. With 5 different colours available spanning across our Silk and Vegan Leather range, you can get your accessory collection going in no time, and have it serve you well as only the highest quality material is used. Best part is, you won’t have to break the bank to do it!

SCRUNCHIEZ 100% Pure Silk OVERSIZED fashion scrunchie.
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