SETZ - 3 MINI SCRUNCHIEZ PURE SILK (one in each colour)

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A fab take on our oversized pure silk SCRUNCHIEZ, the new MINI SCRUNCHIEZ - available in the same colours and still 100% pure silk, yet mini size which, like the oversized, won't snag your hair and which will still add a sense and feel of luxe to your locks!

Ideal for shorter hair or for going to the gym or on the beach - offered here in a set of 3 for a super discounted price!

Available in three beautiful colours, Simply Black, Luxurious Creme and Deepest Blue and sold individually or in packs of three. And, of course, they come in a beautiful, black drawstring bag so ideal for your dressing table - or to send to a friend or loved one as a gift. 

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