About Us

HAIRSLYDZ® is the breakthrough way of tagging your hair, whether it be in a subtle way of keeping those annoying bits and pieces, unruly chunks and fringes of hair away from the face when at school or on campus, exercising, at the gym, cycling to work, or just relaxing with a coffee – or a really cool way to make a statement about how you feel and how you look. Ideal for youngsters heading off to school or university, perfect for an early morning run, a business meeting, picking up the kids at the school gates, an hour on Zoom, the premiere after-party. Sleek your hair into a half-pony for a meeting, sweep it up into a full pony for that run after work. However you wear your hair there's a Hairslydz® product to add just the right detail in just the right way.

The concept of this site is to give you one place to go to for all of your key hair accessory needs. There’s no need to keep searching the web, just head back here to Hairslydz® for the best quality and range at the right price.

An everyday vibe. Your hair – your choice. The HAIRSLYDZ® Community is for who you are and who you want to be.


Our Products

 Our products are available in a choice of matte or gloss finish (on a first come, first served basis, of course) – black, white, silver and gold slides and clips are the ESSENTIALS for today’s active and busy people or, indeed, to make sure you are looking on point at work – but they are equally on trend for children from 12 years old right up to the cool sophisticates!
Or to be a little more glam for those special nights out, you need to keep a lookout for the upcoming GLAM finish, in a choice of diamante or pearls –with that little touch of sparkle to turn heads! 

Finally, (for now at least), we have added some bright and beautiful NEONS to the range, so make sure you choose the one that goes with your outfit, or not – or order a set of mix n’ match to build your fashion image from the start!

Mix, match, clash. Be strong.

Hairslydz - Packaging

Every HAIRSLYDZ® order will be delivered in your own little drawstring bag for you to keep and build your collection or, if gifting, this super cool bag is its own gift wrapping – share the HAIRSLYDZ® vibe. #itzinthebag

Even if you decide not to make a purchase today, don’t forget to sign up to the COMMUNITY to see how you and HAIRSLYDZ® can join forces, to express yourself through your hair!