CHUNKZ fashion barrette hair accessory

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CHUNKZ” – is the classic barrette, reimagined, for chunkier sections of hair. Read More...
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Why is CHUNKZ for YOU? Barrette with style & function; Non-Slip; Elegant; Attractive; Non-Snagging; Beautiful; Different.

“CHUNKZ” – is the classic barrette, reimagined, for chunkier sections of hair. This barrette has been designed to be much flatter, following the curvature of the head, with a different clasp mechanism. It is strong and secure, with a rubber sleeve to stop slipping…making it possible to use on fine or thick hair. Either tag it above the ear, into a top-knot or a pony. Use it to enhance your own style, or for functional purposes when you wake up to a bad hair morning – Chunkz offers you the beauty of a good hair day.

Also available in three exciting new reflective tones which may bounce the beam from a car's headlights as you walk or jog along a darkened street, warning the driver of your presence - or these can look really cool under the brightest disco party lights!

Available in three different colour categories; Essentials (Black, White or Silver), Neons (Neon Pink, Neon Blue, Neon Yellow) both in a choice of two finishes (Matte or Gloss) and Reflectives (Silver, Blue and Yellow).

Dimensions (approx.): 87mm long, 24mm wide, 14mm high. Weight 36gm.

Please Note: Colours shown are indicative only because a computer screen cannot replicate the true tones as they are in real life.

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